Hymn to Deep House

My heavenly body
Surrounds you in the night
Though I’m out of sight
Can’t you feel me?

Caressing all your dreams
Forbidden fantasies
That you hide away

Your heavenly body
Wants to explore
Don’t you dare ignore
Your heavenly body

In the depths of you
Is something true
You don’t want to see
That’s me
Meet me on the shore
I’ll take you
To the ocean floor
Where mystery awaits
When we get there
Don’t be scared
Just surrender
To the flow
Let go
Don’t know
Treasure elates

My heavenly body
Wants to liberate
Help you celebrate
All that you are

You can’t hide from me
I can see you in the night

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Jessica Emmanuel is a Los Angeles based dancer, choreographer, performance artist, educator and curator. She studied Dance & Choreography at the BOCES Cultural Arts Center in New York and is a graduate of The California Institute of the Arts with a BFA in Performance & Choreography. Jessica is the founder of Mothership LA and a co-founder of the theater based artist collective Poor Dog Group. Her work has been presented internationally at the Bootleg Theater, Live Arts Exchange Festival, the New Original Works Festival at REDCAT, Montserrat DTLA, Highways Performance Space, Zoukak Studios (Lebanon), The Getty Villa, Interferences Festival (Romania), Baruch Performing Arts Center, The Curtis R. Preim Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) and The Contemporary Art Museum Santa Barbara. She has choreographed/performed for Poor Dog Group, Heidi Duckler Dance Theater, The MOVEMENT Movement, Ania Catherine Genevieve Carson, Bryan Reynolds, Paul Outlaw, No)one. Art House and Stacy Dawson Sterns. Jessica has also curated art events at various locations in Los Angeles.


Kearian Giertz is a LA based performance artist, choreographer, singer, and dancer. After completing their undergrad in dance and choreography at CalArts in 2016, they have collaborated  vocally and choreographically with Rosanna Gamson World Wide, Acts of Matter, and Helios Dance Theater. Their choreographic work and art direction  has been featured in music videos by PVRIS, Ryuji Imaichi, and Lisa Remar. In their own work they aim to reveal the complexities of inhabiting a body that exist between binaries.

Constellation Conversation


“I’ve been learning how to step back a moment. Learning how to do that actively in your own life. So that you can receive… I have to be present with the work, as an artist, but I have to step back from that ego attachment… even if I think it’s meaningful it gets in the way!”
—Leon Finley, in this edition of Constellation Conversations

Leon Finley is an interdisciplinary artist and queer, trans person born in Seattle, the traditional land of the Coast Salish including the Duwamish People past and present. His work moves between performance, sculpture, drawing, sewing, writing and many places in between. His work is created from his experience having a physical and spiritual body and explores relationships between all kinds of bodies: human, animal, plant, object, sound, energy and the unseen. Leon works within a framework that understands that bodies are vibrating, that matter is not solid but is, in fact, moving, permeable and changeable. Leon is a Tarot Card reader and offers Akashic Records consultations; he understands both practices as interwoven into his work as an artist. Leon received his BFA from Cooper Union in 2009 and his MFA in sculpture from the Yale School of Art in 2012. Leon was the recipient of the Jacques and Natasha Gelman Trust Prize in 2009, the Blair Dickinson Memorial Prize, the Dan David Prize Scholarship in 2012, and was a finalist for The Henry Art Gallery Brink Award in 2017. Leon has shown work around New York City, the traditional land of the Lenape People past and present and Seattle including galleries such as The Alice, Oxbow and the Jacob Lawrence gallery and has performed in venues such as the Whitney Museum of American Art as a part of Kevin Beasley’s Public Programs in Sonic Masses and Movement Research as a part of the Open Performance Series. Leon has taught at Cooper Union, Virginia Commonwealth University and Montclair State University. He currently lives and works in Seattle, Washington.

Who is Neptune?

Neptune Astronomy

  1. Neptune is the most distant planet from our Sun–approximately ​​2.793 billion miles away. 
  2. Neptune is the smallest of the gas planets with a radius of 24,764 km.
  3. Neptune is a planet of gas and ice with a possible rocky core. The force of gravity is very similar to that of Earth’s. Neptune’s gravity is only 17% stronger than that of Earth’s. 
  4. Neptune has the strongest winds in the Solar System with hurricane force up to 2,100 km/hour. 
  5. Neptune is the coldest planet in the Solar System. At the top of its clouds, temperatures on Neptune can dip down to 51.7 Kelvin, or -221.45 degrees Celsius (-366.6 °F). That’s almost three times the coldest temperature ever recorded here on Earth (-89.2°C; -129°F), which means that an unprotected human being would flash freeze in a second.

Neptune Astrology

  1. Neptune, God of the Sea and Ruler of Pisces symbolizes spirituality, imagination, and illusion.
  2. Neptune is considered a planet of inspiration, dreams, psychic receptivity, illusion, and confusion. Neptune rules spirituality, and all things subtle. A youthful, and sometimes naive spirit characterizes those with a strong placement of Neptune in their natal charts.
  3. In the natal chart, the position of Neptune by sign will be shared with other people in the same generation due to Neptune’s slow movement in the heavens, referred to as a generational sign. It becomes more personal when tied to a personal planet or luminary. 
  4. By house, Neptune’s position shows where intuition, dreams, and psychic sensitivity come into play. Natives may be able to rise above the demands of the ego in the areas of Neptune’s influence.
  5. Resembles the trident that Poseidon/Neptune uses in mythology. The crescent pointing upwards indicates spiritual receptivity, and is placed above the cross of matter. This symbolizes the yearning of the soul to break free from the restrictions and limitations of matter/reality.

BAckstaGE Gallery

Invitation to Practice

Hymn to Deep House is about the depth of soul wisdom connoted by Neptune, and about the role that improvisatory and intuitive movement has played as a site for communion, revelation, and transcendence on the dance floor, particularly with the kind of house music that Josh Quat and Jomama Jones drew on as inspiration for this track. This week we invite you to participate in a DANCE CHALLENGE on WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 24th! 

  1. Pull up HYMN TO DEEP HOUSE. Here are some links to stream it for free:
    Neptune: Hymn to Deep House
  2. Film yourself dancing to the song and post it to Instagram or Facebook as a direct post or a story.
  3. Be sure to tag both CALARTS CNP (Center for New Performance) & NEW YORK LIVE ARTS!

You can do as much or as little of the song as you wish. And let your deep soul wisdom guide your movement.

Choose Your Destination