Hymn to Pluto

You said it was forever
But you changed your mind
Now I’m all alone in time
Floating through space
In a circle with no end
You said you were my friend

Sun so small at this distance
Darkness seems the path of least resistance
Cast out your heart when you threw me away
But I’ll live to see another day

Dancing bodies have your eye
But I will move you
By and by
I left my trace in the depths of you
A subtle shade a deeper hue

Oooh, an angel crossed my path today
She wiped the tears from my face, my face
She cast a spell of protection
Then she gave me a new name, a new name


I carry all the colors
Emotions named and unnamed
Through the outer limits
Like a sacred flame


You said it was forever
But you changed your mind
Now I’m all alone in time
Floating in space
In a circle with no end
You said you were my friend

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Constellation Conversation

Langston Kahn

“I think there’s been a danger, of not just my generation but of people in general, right now of adopting trauma and trauma theory, like polyvagal theory or attachment theory, as a cosmology for their life.”
—Langston Kahn, in this edition of Constellation Conversations

LANGSTON KAHN is part of a generation who are committed to illuminating pathways toward–as the title of his masterful book says–Deep Liberation. Langston is a Black, Queer teacher and shamanic practitioner who specializes in radical human transformation, ancestral healing, and restoring an authentic relationship with our emotions. Learn more about Langston by visiting his website:

Who is Pluto?

Pluto Astronomy

  1. Pluto is 1,473 miles in diameter (approximately ⅕ of Earth’s diameter)
  2. The Sputnik Planitia, is an icy plain on Pluto filled with nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane.
  3. Pluto’s largest canyon is 45 miles wide with areas of melting ice creating collapsing hollows. This indicates that this canyon’s old methane deposits were exposed to solar radiation.
  4. Pluto’s largest moon is Charon. It is locked within a binary orbit (similar to the bound orbits of binary star systems) making a revolution every 6.4 earth days. The moon hovers over the same spot. 
  5. Charon has a color similar to Pluto with a red cap of methane gas released by Pluto that was trapped on Charon.

Pluto Astrology

  1. Pluto, Affiliated with Hades, the god of the Underworld. It is the astrological ruler of Scorpio.
  2. It represents renewal and rebirth at one extreme and an obsessive desire for power and the force of destruction at another.
  3. Pluto’s location in an astrological sign is shared by others in the same generation due to the length of its orbit.
  4. By house, Pluto shows the search for truth and deeper meaning associated with change, power struggles, and issues of control. We seek to change/transformation or we refuse to accept our deepest needs leading to our own destruction. 
  5. The symbol for Pluto suggests spiritual receptiveness to the superconscious placed above the physical world.

    The glyph combines Circle(Spirit), over Cresent(receptivity), and Cross(Matter)

Questions for Contemplation and Discussion

  1. What are your Generational Stories and Questions?
  2. Where have you felt at the faraway edge, on the margin?
  3. How might you see that positionality as the leading edge, the vanguard?
  4. What story do you need to let go of?
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