Hymn to Starshine

(duet with lady krishna)

Chariot blazing
Wheel is turning
Rays are beaming
I am burning
All that stands in your way

Did my absence
Cause you doubt
There’s no doubt
When i’m about
Piercing clouds
Dispelling rain
Bringing forth the green again

Feel the force of my starshine
Feel the heat of my starshine
Feel the joy in my starshine
Feel the free

In glorious firelight
That’s right

Rays are beaming
My soul streaming
Unconditional love
Burning up to ashes
All that moves in your way

Use the holy ash
To draw our circle
Trace our spiral
Write our song
Rage this light
Into infinity

Feel the force of my starshine
Feel the heat of my starshine
Feel the joy in my starshine
Feel the free


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Lady Krishna (Natasha Shulman) is an artist, performer and fashion muse. From 1972-1977, Lady Krishna attended California Institute of the Arts (Cal Arts). After graduating from art school with a concentration in painting and multimedia in 1977, Lady Krishna moved to Paris to work, study, and have a love affair. The following year, she returned to New York City to continue her work in both art and music.

The next eighteen years would contain numerous showings and performances in downtown New York City. From one woman shows at La Mama to performances at P.S. 122 and The Kitchen, Lady Krishna was on the scene. In 1997, Lady Krishna returned to Seattle to punish herself for having so much fun in New York. She spent the next eighteen years drinking champagne, recuperating, and putting together her rock n’ roll band Lady Krishna’s Peppermint Lounge. She also became a meditation teacher and, of course, continued painting.

Constellation Conversation

Helga Davis

“There must first be the “yes” inside… And the gathering of the people who can help support, and help hold a vision of who you are, and who you know yourself to be, and see yourself to be. And then, the work actually begins.”
—Helga Davis, in this edition of Constellation Conversations

Helga Davis is a vocalist and performance artist with feet planted on the most prestigious international stages and with firm roots in the realities and concerns of her local community whose work draws out insights that illuminate how artistic leaps for an individual can offer connection among audiences. Davis was principal actor in the 25th-anniversary international revival of Robert Wilson and Philip Glass’s seminal opera Einstein on the Beach.

 She also starred in Wilson’s The Temptation of St. Anthony, with libretto and score by Bernice Johnson Reagon. Among the collaborations and works written for her are Oceanic Verses by Paola Prestini, You Us We All by Shara Nova and Andrew Ondrejcak and Yet Unheard, a tribute to Sandra Bland by Courtney Bryan, based on the poem by Sharan Strange. She has conceived and performed First Responder and Wanna as responses to Until and The Let Go by multidisciplinary artist Nick Cave. In addition to hosting HELGA, she is artist in residence at National Sawdust and Joe’s Pub, winner of the 2019 Greenfield Prize in composition, a 2019 Alpert Award finalist, and the 2018-21 visiting curator for the performing arts at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.  

Helga’s podcast series link:

Who is SUN?

Sun Astronomy

  1. The Sun is 93 million miles from the Earth. 
  2. The Sun is relatively young, part of generations of stars called Population 1.
  3. The solar interior, from the inside out, is made up of the core, radiative zone, and the convective zone. The solar atmosphere above that consists of the photosphere, chromosphere, a transition region, and the corona. Beyond that is the solar wind, an outflow of gas from the corona.
  4. The Sun is a type of star called Yellow Dwarf approximated to be 4.5 billion years old. 
  5. The Sun’s core is about 27 million degrees Fahrenheit(15 million degrees Celsius) but is “only” 10 million degrees on the surface(5,555,537 degrees Celsius).

Sun Astrology

  1.  The Sun symbolizes power, manifestation, and life force. 
  2. Ruler of Leo, it symbolizes  the soul’s essence, enlightenment, as well as our self-expression. 
  3. To be your best self in terms of your Sun is to align your energies to work along the pathways in which they will have maximum help from planetary vibrations.
  4. In the chart, the position of the Sun by zodiac sign represents the individual’s life purpose and the style in which they leave their mark in the world. While in the house, the Sun shows where our personality shines. The areas of life associated with that particular house reveal the types of experiences that contribute to our sense of individuality and that shape our sense of pride. These areas of life are ones in which we seek to express and focus our Sun sign qualities
  5. The Circle of Spirit, indicating potentiality, brought to the focus of the central dot. We can see this symbol as wholeness or inner center

BAckstaGE Gallery

Invitation to Practice:

Your invitation to practice is to “burn up to ashes all that stands in someone’s way, today!” What is one action you can take in your day to help remove an obstacle in someone else’s path – or – to encourage them by breaking through the clouds of difficulty they are facing in a simple way (a smile, a phone call, an invitation for a walk) or a more committed way (being a shoulder to cry on or lean on, financial or logistical assistance, helping with a laborious task, advocating for someone in a way they may never know directly but would positively impact their life)? What is one belief that you can stand up for, and, by so doing voice a possibility or hold a space for someone else to stand more fully in their truth? Can you do it without attachment to outcome, but with clear, and considered intention? The most important thing about this invitation to practice is that it be for someone other than you. Furthermore, it is important to engage the ethics of your action: it may be appropriate to ask permission, or to give someone an option to accept your intervention. There are other circumstances where that may not be true. Do your best to gauge. And be willing to be vulnerable to the experience. It seems simple, but it is a big invitation.

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